Online Casinos for USA Players

Online Casinos for USA Players

Vegas Action Casino has researched the world of online casinos for USA players in effort to shine light on the issue. Not all US casino sites are the same so its important for you to understand the differences in the available types.

There are USA licensed internet gambling options and offshore licensed gaming websites that American players can go to for wagering real money on the web.

US Licensed Online Casinos

In the last decade the number of internet casinos that are legal for US players to bet on has slowly been increasing. What started out as only New Jersey to begin with has grown into six states now offering legal online casino gaming. is a great website to learn about USA online casinos because it provides honest reviews of the best legal betting options open to Americans. The site is updated frequently with the latest casino reviews of state licensed gaming sites available in the United States.

There are even more online sports betting websites available to American bettors than there are internet casinos. Currently, there are 15 states with legal sports betting options open to people inside state boundaries.

Offshore Online Casinos for USA Players

Until recently the only options open for USA players were offshore regulated gambling sites. While these offshore online casinos are not illegal to play, they don’t offer security and protection (regulation) by the United States. So, US players are advised to use cation when betting on offshore casinos licensed outside of the USA.

Websites like can help Americans to find legitimate US online casino sites to play for real money gaming. Check them out to find a current list of internet casinos allowing Americans to bet under the protection and regulation of the United States of America.

Players without USA regulation in place can still look to offshore casinos to play on. is the #1 betting site that allows US players to play for money. It has a sister site called which is the most popular internet casino for playing slots online. These are the most trusted offshore online casinos that allow American players of which we recommend.

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