Expert Blackjack Online provides players with Expert blackjack advice. Learn where to play blackjack online safely at trustworthy casinos. Blackjack is a great casino game to learn for several reasons. First of all, blackjack is easy to learn and play. Secondly, blackjack offers players better odds than all other casino games. Finally, playing blackjack online is a lot of fun!

Professional Blackjack Advice

Get advice from professional blackjack players at Expert Blackjack Online. Players of all skill levels will find helpful advice on how to play the game of blackjack. Players that are new to the game will learn basic strategy. Experienced blackjack players can learn advanced strategies such as shuffle tracking, card tracking, card counting, deck penetration and other advanced level blackjack advice.

Trusted Online Casinos is one of the world’s top resources for locating trusted online casinos. It reviews casino sites so players can find safe casinos to play blackjack online for real money. Vegas Action Casino also provides online casino players with our guide to online gambling for real money. Read it before you gamble for real and you’ll put yourself into a better position when betting on the Internet.

Online Blackjack versus Las Vegas Blackjack

When you play blackjack online there are a number of key differences than playing blackjack in Las Vegas. In Vegas the cards are dealt to the player from either a double deck of cards or a 6 or 8 deck does of cards. Casinos in Las Vegas and other land based casinos will usually deal about 80% of the cards out before they reshuffle the decks. Professional blackjack players are able to keep track of cards and change their bets according to the right time to do so. Because of this, many Las Vegas casinos have started to pay blackjack wins with a 6/5 payout instead of the original 3/2 payout.

With online blackjack the casinos shuffle the decks before every single hand of blackjack dealt. This completely removes the ability for advanced players to count and track cards. Because online casinos have this advantage they still payout blackjack wins with a 3/2 payout where many land based casinos only pay 6/5.

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